Mother’s Day may mean breakfast in bed and a bouquet of flowers for some women, but for me it means it’s time to finally get out in my garden and get things planted. This is by far one of my favorite weekends of the year – where the calendar tells you frost is no longer a threat and those tender annuals can find a new home nestled in the earth of your garden.

My garden – how to describe it. When we bought this house it was a sorry little patch of land between the driveway and house. It housed 3 sorry azalea bushes and a few trees. The first spring after we moved in I set out to make it a little shaded oasis. The bushes were uprooted and replanted in a more suitable location, and I added a path of stepping stones running from the front walk to the driveway, and also to the water spigot.

Over the years I have planted many things that have died, and some that have taken off with an absolute flourish. But now, 10 years later, my little garden has matured greatly. My husband added a pond a few years back in a spot that nothing ever grew well in. Now we house koi and goldfish in the pond each summer, and it’s nice to take a few moments each day and check on the fish and see how things are growing.

After so many years, bushes that were once little, are now so big that my wee stepping stones were under the bush rather than beside it. So yesterday I got out the shovel and the crowbar and repositioned 5 stones to make my little garden path passable once again. That was a ball breaker – I almost tore off one of my finger nails in the process, but I am tickled pink with the results.

I also went to our local nursery, a great little family owned business, and bought my annual flat of impatiens and a few other plants. It’s the first of many trips I will make to that place over the course of the summer and fall, but I adore that first trip.

I have a hydrangea and a rhododendron that are threatening to merge right over the path to my water spigot…someone is going to have to be cut back or transplanted, but I don’t have the heart to do it. Yet. In the fall I think Sr. Rhododendron is going to be finding a new home elsewhere on my property.

That’s another reason why I love this weekend – Mother’s Day presents! I have told my family that on Mother’s Day I am ONLY supposed to get gifts that relate to gardening. Pots, plants, statues, garden stakes, trellises, you name it. If it can be planted, grown or housed in my garden it’s a great gift.

Books, DVD’s, and cooking utensils are for my birthday and Christmas – but for Mother’s Day, it had better involve dirt and a shovel.