My family could be one of the last in the civilized world that do not use smart phones.

This weekend I saw my daughter perform in her high school play, and while we were in our seats waiting for the show to start I saw everyone on their smartphones passing the time. Everyone had them. Kids as young as 8 were facebooking, tweeting and surfing the web to pass the time until the curtain went up.

And that’s not the only place I see this happen. While waiting in line at the bank, or the grocery store, or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, all I see is fingers swishing and thumbs drumming on keypads.

All this puts one question in my head. How the hell to folks afford it? Our family has 3 phones with unlimited texting and that’s it. No internet, no downloads, no email. Our bill is around $140 a month and we can barely manage that. How in the world can folks afford full smart phone plans for an entire family?

Oh, but wouldn’t it be nice to be at the store and see that shortribs are on sale and to be able to look up a recipe right then and there. Or to be lost and Google map your way out of it. Or to be able to look up where the nearest Jersey Mike’s is when you’re in a strange city.

Yes, while that would all be nice, paying the bill for it would be no fun at all.