Now that the warmer weather is coming around, I am reminded of this fashion trend of wearing boots with shorts. I am so envious of girls that can wear a style like that with ease. I was never very good at being a trendsetter. Anytime I tried to be a fashionista, I failed miserably.

Back in the 80’s my mom knitted me a beautiful pair of leg warmers. I’d seen them in a video (Pat Benatar, I think) and had to have a pair. The first time I wore them to school some girls pointed at me and mocked me. I never wanted to wear them again.

Then I got this cool hair accessory similar to a chopstick used to hold a bun in place. I wore that to school once too. Laughed at again. Yes, there were a LOT of bitches at my school.

As I watch these girls saunter down the street bare legged and boot clad, I think to myself, “I could never pull that off.” For one, I think it’s a rather saucy look. It screams NOTICE ME in a come-hither sort of way. It’s not push up bra and low cut V-neck, but it doesn’t fall into the school-marm category either. I see it as a Julia Roberts hooker with a heart look.

So I stick to wearing boots with pants. Even that is slightly risqué to me…because boots are fetching. They are seductive. You feel like you can kick some serious ass when you are wearing boots, and this meek little blogger doesn’t have the chops to pair them with shorts. Those mean girls from high school may be lurking around the corner.