On this bright Sunday morning I have discovered that college may not be an unobtainable dream for my oldest daughter, and it makes me super happy. After reading an email from Kim Kommando on websites that help you find scholarships, I decided to really look at what colleges and universities in my state are charging.

I was surprised and delighted to find out that at least 3 schools that are fairly close to home have tuition fees that are not bank breakers. With financial aid and scholarships, a degree may not be out of reach for my little straight A junior. Therefore, this summer we may have to devote a few weekends to visiting college campuses, and I am psyched to do it.

I remember when I was a kid, our family vacation one summer was traipsing up and down the northeast visiting various campuses searching for the perfect school for my older brother. We were 5 days in the car driving, and our only stops were to walk around one campus after another. What a snore that was. He wound up going to Siracuse.

I remember when I did it too. Being the youngest of four, there were no siblings to drag along, so many times it was just me and my parents or sometimes just me and dear old dad. It was fun to walk the campus and try to imagine my actually going there – would I walk on this path every day? Would I have a class in that building? I wound up at University of Delaware. Go Hens.

I don’t want to rob my daughter of that experience. I want to stroll campus grounds with her and help her find the best fit for her. For example, one university is in our state capitol. It’s a highly respected school, and very affordable for in-state students. It’s only an hour’s drive away so frequent visits to home would be easy to manage. However, she’s a bit scared of attending school in a “city.” I think she is wanting the more “traditional” college campus experience.

We shall see. All I know is that on this morning I feel that her chances of going to college are far greater than they were just 24 hours ago. And yes, I still feel that college, for the most part, is a rip off. But, if that degree is going to help her get farther in life, rip off or not, I want her to have it.