This past weekend I took my girls to the movies. I try to wait for movies to come out on DVD as much as possible if only to keep me out of the poor house. There are a few exceptions, like if I’m absolutely DYING to see a particular movie or a film that begs for the experience only a quality theater can give.

Take the Hunger Games for example. It’s due in theaters March 23rd and my oldest and I are just trembling with anticipation to see this movie. We read all of the books and are hoping and praying that Hollywood won’t totally screw up the story. This is one of the cases where waiting for the DVD is not an option. We will see it the very first night it’s out.

Then there are movies that earn the “rental” designation right out of the gate, and no amount of pleading from my 10 year old will make me pay the money to see it in theaters. Movies like “Alvin & the Chipmunks” or “Gnomio and Juliet” or anything involving talking puppies are not going to get a dime of my hard earned money until it hits the Video By The Lake shelves.

With nothing to do on Saturday, and finding hubby’s paycheck had been deposited over the course of the previous night, I suggested we see a movie. The girls chose “Chronicle” which was a movie we’d all viewed the trailer for a month or so back and had deemed watch-worthy. It was playing at a theater we don’t frequent, because they rarely get the “family” movies that we usually see.

Now I’m glad we don’t see a lot of movies there. For one, their prices were almost double what the other theaters charge. I’m used to paying a cheaper afternoon price of around $6 at the other theaters in town. This joint was asking $10.50 for adults. Yikes! Then they rubbed popcorn salt in my wounds at the concessions stand. $12.50 for a medium soda and popcorn. In for almost $40 bucks, I herded the girls to the correct theater.

It was small. Really small. And the only row that was open was closer to the front. I mean, the theater wasn’t packed, but we always have to get up for the bathroom and whatnot, and I like to avoid the “pardon me’s” and sit on the aisle. The seats were crowded too. I was constantly elbowing my oldest while trying to settle into my seat or take  a sip of soda. It got to be rather comical after a while, and got us both giggling.

The movie began and so did my neck ache. I decided the only comfortable way to watch this movie was to slink far down in my seat so my neck touched the back of the chair. About 45 minutes into the movie, I began to feel a bit sick to my stomach. And it dawned on me…I was falling prey to the Cloverfield Effect once again.

Did any of you see the movie Cloverfield in the theaters? Because it was filmed in a style where someone is operating a hand-held camera, the movie tends to jiggle and move around a lot. None of the scenes are filmed smoothly at all, and it caused many people to experience motion sickness. Including me.

I remember feeling really sick and having to constantly leave my two girls, then 12 & 7, alone in the theater while I ran to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face and to try to not regurgitate my Raisinettes. I went to the lobby to ask and usher when the movie would get out, and he smiled and said, “you got sick, didn’t you?” He then told me that several people had come running out of the theater the night before and that one guy hurled in the parking lot. I spent the majority of the movie standing in the hallway outside the theater.

Well, seems “Chronicle” is filmed in the same style. However, it took me much longer to begin to feel the sensation of nausea. It wasn’t until an hour in when I leaned over to my oldest, whispered “Cloverfield” and headed for the lobby. I was so pissed. The movie was good, and now I had to wait for it to come out on DVD to see how it turned out. Plus the thought of wasting the ten bucks it cost to not see the movie really bummed me out.

The internet was filled with warnings that Chronicle causes motion sickness, but I was unaware it was filmed in the Cloverfield style. From now on, if I’m paying good money to see a movie in the theaters, I’m going to do a little bit of research to see if they are handing out barf bags with the ticket stubs.