Each year we take our kids to the circus. Hubby works for a large arena, and can usually score us tickets to the family friendly events like Disney on Ice and the circus. He chose to take us Sunday because he didn’t have to work that day and could actually sit with us and enjoy the show. He also chose the 3 pm show over the 11 am show because that way he could sleep late.

What he wound up doing was timing our day perfectly so we would get caught in a fairly decent blizzard.

They had been calling for snow on Sunday for the past few days, and it was supposed to hit right when we were at the circus. Originally we were going to take my daughter’s boyfriend along, but with the forecast the way it was, his mom thought it best that he stay home rather than risk getting caught in a storm.

When we left, skies were overcast. Halfway to Richmond, the snow started, but it wasn’t sticking. It’s been so warm lately that the ground temps were too toasty to do anything but melt the snow on impact. That made me feel much better because I’ll tell you, the thought of an hour’s drive home in the snow didn’t appeal to me one little bit.

Dat's a Kitty

Secure in the knowledge that the ground was just wet rather than snow covered, I sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the circus. Our favorite part was the lion/tiger tamer. My least favorite was these broads who swung by their hair – two girls with severely pulled back black ponytails reinforced with God knows what kind of hardware. And watching the trapeze artists made me a tad sick to my stomach and weak in the knees. I hate heights so much that just watching someone up high makes me jittery.

Once the show was over we darted out to our car and began our journey home. It was still snowing, but the roads were still clear. I was so pleased that our trip home would be sans peril that I didn’t mind when hubby stopped for gas and managed to pick the one station that had disgusting outdoor restrooms.

The snow was really coming down, and when we were about 15 minutes from our exit off of the interstate, we began to see the accidents. We also began to see that only one lane was really being used as the passing lane was snow covered. Now traveling single file behind a large truck, we made our way to our exit at roughly 30 miles per hour – what usually took 4 minutes took us around 15. I didn’t mind though, especially after seeing cops and a tow truck trying to pull a car out of the woods.

Once off the highway we limped the remaining 15 miles home on the very snowy back roads. I gotta tell you, I was glad to get in my house all safe and sound. I was also glad that I wasn’t the one who had to do the driving.

Although the circus was fun, I was a little bummed that we had to go out at all. When the snows fall, there is nothing I love more than just snuggling in at home, watching it waft down and begin to cover the world. And with this freakishly warm winter we’ve been having, yesterday might have been my only chance this year to see that.