Today is my oldest daughter’s first official Valentine’s Day. She has been dating her boyfriend since May of last year, and he is going to take her out to dinner tonight, with the aid of his parents, who need to drive them to a local restaurant. Valentine’s is fun at that age. It’s a single rose and a teddy bear and some candy and kisses.

I consider myself to be officially done with this particular holiday. I can’t eat candy, and flowers are a waste of money right now, unless they are going into my garden. I don’t like the idea of having to fight the crowds at any of the local restaurants. I don’t even want to spend the $3.95 Hallmark requires to tell someone I love them. I just don’t want to buy into the hype. I think I’ll pass on this one and let the kids have it.

I remember valentine’s day as a child. The classroom window would have the requisite pink cardboard cupid cutouts taped to it, and each child would have a brown paper bag taped to their desk which served as their mailbox for all their Valentines. An hour before school was over, we’d have a little party, and deliver our valentines to everyone’s mailbox.

I can recall being in 3rd grade, and realizing that I had misspelled my classmate John’s name on the Valentine envelope. I had written “Jonh” and was quite embarrassed over my blunder. To make matters worse, I inadvertently delivered “Jonh’s” valentine in my friend Janice’s mailbox and vice-versa. It all seems stupid now, but I can remember that mistake all these years later. I fell like a true dunder-head for the rest of the week, and I guess it stuck with me.

I can also remember being in college and not having a boyfriend during this season. That always sucked, especially since dorm hallways were filled with girls squealing over the roses or candies or balloons they got. Even sadder was the thought that although you knew you were date-less, you still hoped that some secret admirer would send you a rose or a card. That somewhere out in the world there was a person that actually found you appealing and was waiting all year for this one opportunity to secretly declare their love for you.

And when no knock came to your door, there was always the dining hall for dinner with your single friends.

As for me this very Valentine’s Day, I’ll be spending it with my youngest girl and Stonewall Jackson. She has a project due on Friday, and we plan on finishing it tonight. It’ll be nice though, just the two of us. Hubby is working which is fine because now there is no pressure to a) go out, which we can’t afford right now, or b) cook something fancy at home, which we can’t afford right now. Kidlet #2 and I will be happy to make some tacos and settle in to watch a little television.

Sounds like heaven to me.