Religion should have no place in politics. There, I’ve said it.

So, why do I feel this way? Well, let’s see. There are so many different religions out there, and each of them think that they are the true followers that God is going to welcome into his Kingdom one day. All the others? They’ve got it wrong and are doomed. That seems really narrow-minded to me.

With that having been said, I don’t want someone who chooses to live their live a certain way, to dictate how I can live mine. It’s really that simple.

What got my open minded knickers in a twist was a story about a bill they are trying to pass in my state of Virginia which would require any woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound first. Why is this necessary other than to make the process more difficult, time consuming and expensive. Who has to pay for this ultrasound? It better not be the woman, and if it’s the government, all I can say is what a huge fucking waste of money.

If you don’t believe abortion is right, then don’t do it. Teach your kids that it’s not a viable option for them, and that they’d be wise to keep their legs closed and pants zipped.

And If you think that gay marriage goes against the word of God and Jesus, then by all means, marry someone of the opposite sex! You’re free to make that choice! I certainly won’t try and stop you!

This country is made up of a lot of different folks who have a lot of different ideas, custom and cultures. I just don’t think it’s right that laws are passed and rules are made because someone in power disagrees with practices others indulge in.

I don’t like country music. It offends me deeply. Therefore, I don’t play it in my house, but I can’t force you to stop listening to it. Although this example may seem frivolous, it’s really no different than what a lot of super religious politicians do. When they find something immoral or “irregular” they try to stop it. To clean it up. To purify it.

Here’s a news flash. Times have changed. Our country will never be like it was back in the days of Charles Ingalls, Ward Cleaver or Howard Cunningham. There are too many other varieties of people out there who have every right to live their live the way they want to. It may not be how the Bible says they should be living, but as long as they are causing no harm or danger to anyone or anything, shouldn’t they be left to exist as they wish?

If they are kind, loving, honest and productive, isn’t that really what counts? Close your Bible and open your mind. Your beliefs are not the only ones to be considered when you are serving your country. Remember, God is supposed to bless America, not run it.