I think I may have jinxed all of Virginia by buying my daughter a sled for Christmas.

I thought it was a great idea. We had two sleds – one is a large blue plastic number that can ride two of us comfortably. The other was a tiny yellow plastic sled that had a crack in it, taped up by silver duct tape, that never, and I mean never glided straight. You would always spin around sideways or backwards after 5 yards of downhill movement. It was pretty useless.

That having been explained, while tooling around Target one pre-Christmas day I spotted the sleds and decided to buy a cute Wham-o Brand Polar Bear sled. The bottom is a shiny slick surface, and I imagined that puppy would fly on the snow.

Yes, this would have been the perfect gift but for one small, tiny detail. WE HAVE NO SNOW. We aren’t even close to having snow. On the few days where temps have dropped into the range where snow is a possibility, the skies have been clear and blue and sunny. It has been an oddly mild winter for us, and it’s a bummer.

I like snow. I look forward to it. I love sitting in my cozy house watching the snow fall. I love the sound outside when I’m out in the snowstorm – It’s like a whisper as the snow gently falls. Hell, I even like shoveling! As long as I have power, it can snow all it wants. And as soon as it stops and the driveway is shoveled, we head out to sled.

Sledding on the golf course

The golf course in our community will allow sledding on one of it’s better hills when there is enough snow to not damage the grass – but I’m sure it takes a beating anyway. It’s loads of fun and I’m really glad my kids get the opportunity to do this great winter activity. I mean, we’re not skiers and snow tubing at the ski resorts is pricey, so we have to wait for Mother Nature to provide us with any sort of snow fun.

And while heavy snow storms are rare in Central Virginia, we still get at least 2 decent snowfalls per year. Oh, and “decent” here in the commonwealth means 3 inches – where the towns shut down and you can’t buy milk, bread or hot chocolate at the store.

So far this year we haven’t had enough snow to make a mouse-sized snowball. With about 6 weeks to go before things start officially warming up, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one day spent in a winter wonderland.

NEXT DAY ADDENDUM: It snowed. Just a dusting, but it snowed nonetheless. Perhaps my writing this post has unjinxed the jinx.