mwah ha ha ha!


I am really proud of myself. I faced a major super phobia of mine – I went to the dentist. This has actually been a year long saga for me. I went for an initial visit last year, then to see a specialist, and then it took me close to 4 months to actually call the dentist back to schedule my appointment to get done what needed doing. Then once I had the appointment, I canceled it and rescheduled it for after the holidays. I felt a huge sense of relief to put my appointment off for another 6 weeks.

But it wound up biting me in the ass. See, I was supposed to go right before Thanksgiving, and I thought it would ruin the holiday for me. Right after Thanksgiving my teeth began to ache and ache lots. I was using massive quantities Ambesol and Advil. For a few days I couldn’t even eat – chewing was that painful. Now, a normal, sane, rational person would call their dentist and be like “help me!!!!!!!” But I knew I had an upcoming appointment and figured I’d just wait it out.

I never thought the pain would last for 5 weeks. You know, it was sort of a blessing in disguise. I was so sick of being in pain I was actually looking forward to my trip to the dentist if only to make the hurt go away. I went and took my lumps in the chair like a brave little soldier, and have been recouping. I am almost back to normal with the exception of very sore lips (stretched to the point of breaking) and a sore spot on my jaw.

And I can’t whistle as of yet, which is a bummer

But I went. I did it. Goal #1 reached in 2012.