Tomorrow is my Secret Santa gift exchange at work. I know nothing about the girl whose name I chose, and decided a fun bottle of wine and some little booze accessories would be a safe gift. Even if she doesn’t like wine, it’s always nice to have around in case of company or, even to re-gift.

I don’t know how to choose a good wine, but I know how to chose a good label. When buying wine for a gift, I choose solely on the name & design of the label. It has to be fun. It has to be funky. It has to have whimsy. That’s what makes giving it as a gift fun. If I hand someone a bottle of Le Chateu au de Snodgrass, they’ll be like “gee, thanks.” But when they open a bottle called Fat Bastard Merlot, it’s a conversation starter.

So I set out to find a chuckle-worthy bottle of wine. A few years back I had purchased a few bottles of Mad Housewife wine for a client of mine, but I didn’t see any at this store.  As I perused the aisles, a few of the store employees were standing there, and they asked me if I needed help finding anything in particular. I told them I needed to find a bottle of wine with a fun label – that was my only requirement. They passed a quizzical look between them and I knew I was in trouble.

The girl said, “Well, here’s a bottle that’s a pretty blue.” Um. No…. Next?

“Here’s a chocolate wine…” Eewww. I’ll pass.

“Here’s a label with a charming snow scene on it.” Well, it’s pretty, but not really fun. I’m thinking monkeys, or outhouses or evil clowns – something that makes your eyebrow raise when you see read the label. The girl continued to walk me around the store showing me bottles that were both average and lame. I was desperate to ditch her. Her last attempt was to show me a bottle of Elvis Blue Christmas wine.

While I was not the least bit interested in Elvis wine, I grabbed it and thanked her just to put an end to my misery. This gal did NOT get what I was looking for. I held it for show and continued to browse the rows of bottles and then I saw it.

Plungerhead Wine. Mission accomplished. How can you not giggle at that label? I coupled it with a cute little snowman wine stopper and some wine glass charms, and I was good to go.

It just goes to show you that the old addage rings true…If you want something done right, do it yourself. Unless it involves baking. Or gall bladder surgery. Or auto mechanics. Then it’s best that someone else do it.