Yesterday, in accordance with Thanksgiving weekend tradition, I dragged all the Christmas lights out of the garage and began the task of decorating the house.

The usual light string death toll was down this year – I think I only had to throw away 3 strands, which is pretty good. I don’t use the big, giant lights like my parents used back in 1977, and the new fangled LED lights are not really in my budget. Thus I am a mini lights gal…your average string of colored lights as hubby won’t let me use just white – he thinks they are boring.

Actually, hubby and I argue over the lights each and every year. The only thing we agree upon is the giant wreath we hang in the front window. See, our house has a mainly glass front, and the over-sized wreath covered in lights really looks nice against the warm glow of our home at night. The problem is that’s the only decoration hubby really wants. Simple. Classy.


I like lots of lights. I gaze longingly at homes that are covered in lights and whose yards are jammed with light encrusted reindeer and snowmen and icicles. If they have music to accompany the lights I am positively pea green with envy.

Years ago I purchased some fake evergreen garland, wrapped several strands of lights around it, and have since used it to line the railing of our front deck. During the day it gives the deck a festive look, especially since it compliments the wreath. At night all those lights nestled in the garland give our deck a nice, thick rope of holiday cheer, rather than just a straggly line of dangling bulbs. Hubby hates this garland. HATES IT, and we argue over whether to put it up every year.

At the beginning I had icicle lights, but he hated the way they looked during the day, so that particular style of holiday lighting was forever banned. And because he doesn’t like wires to show, I figured hiding them in the evergreen garland was a stroke of sheer genius. It still leaves me scratching my head as to why he hates it so much.

Then there are the bushes. We have these three incredibly ugly bushes in front of our house that serve absolutely no purpose except from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day when I cover them with lights. This is no easy task. I don’t know what genus of evergreen these bushes are, but I think they were grown by the devil himself. The needles are razor sharp and stick in your fingers at the lightest touch. It was way too hot to wear gloves yesterday, and my hands are now covered in angry scratches and I had to tweeze more than one needle from my fingers. But the result is so worth it…the wreath, garland and bushes form a sort of triple play of Christmas lights – a very symmetrical triple play.

And Hubby still hates it.

Slovie Chalet in her Christmas Finery

So this year I let him get involved. He strung lights along both sides of the house, but we couldn’t quite get the lights to climb to the top of our roof peak…ain’t no ladder high enough…which was too bad because it really would’ve looked awesome. The finished result was okay, but nothing to write home about, and I think that bummed him out. He had no interest in continuing the light fest the next day, so I dragged out the garland and the lights for the three bushes, PLUS some light up reindeer I had bought on sale at the end of last year. And he groaned about all of it.

As the sun went down and the lights went on, I walked to the street to give my house it’s first holiday once over, and I was thrilled. I mean, we wouldn’t win any contests, but nobody else in our neighborhood puts up much in the way of Christmas lights, so it really makes our house stand out. And this is the first year I didn’t have to go back and fix something. Usually one bush has too few lights or a string of bulbs went out even though I thoroughly check them before I start. But it was all really nice. Simple and nice.

This morning I asked hubby if he thought the house looked good when he came home from work. He just said “eh”.

Bah humbug.