This morning I awoke to an annoying post on Facebook. Some dude I went to high school with posted as his status “occupy reality…get a damn job!”

Now this just annoyed me. This guy has two topics he comments on…marathon running and extreme right wing opinions. It was 5 a.m., I hadn’t had my tea yet, and his broad, stupid statement got under my skin. Especially after reading a few comments down where a fellow classmate politely stated that she has been out of work for 6 months, is actively looking and looking hard, and it’s not as easy as it seems.

His response? to “vote the economy wrecking ball out of office.” Ok, now I was getting involved.

Let me start with a few points. A) I am not in the least bright when it comes to politics. It’s one of those topics that I just can’t seem to grasp like calculus or physics. B) I am neither in love with President Obama or dead set against him. and C) I think being too devoted to one side, be it left or right, is dopey.

President Obama started his term with a hell of a lot of problems that were not of his making. You almost have to cut him some slack for that alone. Yet before he even took the oath of office, the far right were weeping and moaning and gnashing their teeth…and praying for him to fail. I think that’s why I have no tolerance for all the Obama bashing the right seem to enjoy – they never gave him an honest chance, and that’s not right. He won fair and square and they never gave him a chance.

So I poised my hands over my keyboard and typed a response to this knucklehead. It ran along the lines that our president is trying to put out a fire that was started by a match Bush lit. He responded that “leftards” gave out a bunch of bad home loans and that’s what caused the collapse in our economic system. Now I will reiterate that I am NOT bright about politics, but honey, even I know that’s not true. So I gave him a snarky response back and promptly left the fight. I “unfollowed” the thread and went on about my day not wanting to be bothered with it any more.

And it turned into a full blown facebook debate. I kept getting emails throughout the day that people “liked” my snarky comment, and then emails about what a whack job our old classmate turned out to be. Last tally was a total of 63 comments to his initial status post. And it was scary because almost all of his comeback posts were filled with rather broad comments that relied heavily on rumor rather than fact…like there being a no rape zone at the rally…wtf? Did a couple making out get killed by a psycho with a bloody hook too? Talk about buying into the urban legends.

I go to facebook to get a little snapshot of what my fellow earthlings are up to – “took the cat to the vet today” – “Timmy hit a homerun!” – “Watching Roadhouse and missing Patrick Swayze.” What I don’t want is to be subjected to a constant barrage of negativity and hate. Hell, I unfriend people for sending me too much Farmville crap. I’ll be damned if I’m going to put up with listening to the rants of a Jr. Rush Limbaugh.

There may be some unfriending in my future.