Mother Nature - MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

During the span of mid October through November we go through transition weather. The climate has not yet committed itself to be officially cold, so you may have 3-4 days with highs in the mid 50’s and then 3-4 days with temps in the mid 70’s. While I love the variety this offers, it can also suck for a multitude of reasons.

My main gripe which lead me to us it as my blog topic for the day, is that many places have stopped using air conditioning all together…I mean, it is November, after all. That having been said, when you have a few days in a row in the mid 70’s, heat is the last thing I want on in the workplace. I hate being too hot. I hate it.

If you are too cold, you can always have a cup of tea, or put on a jacket, or wear a hat. But when you are too hot, there is nothing left to do but take stuff off. And today, it’s just too hot at my office. I have been fanning myself with my handy-dandy Richard Gere fan all day long, because taking clothes off while sitting at my desk isn’t really a viable option. This is also why I almost never wear sweaters to work. I can’t risk it. Guaranteed I’d wind up being too hot and spending the day in sweaty discomfort.

At lunch I decided to get out of my steamy office for a while and do some shopping. I headed to Kmart as they had a good sale on Christmas lights, and let’s face it, you can never have too many sets of Christmas lights. After being in the store for about 4 minutes, I realized that they too had decided that the heat is on and is staying on until April. It must have been 86 degrees in there and before long a fine sheen of sweat popped up on my brow upper lip. Real attractive.

I grabbed what I needed and got the hell out of there. It was just too hot to browse – as much as you can browse at a Kmart – but I was willing to stroll the overly crowded, poorly displayed aisles for a while. I mentioned it to the cashier, and noticed that she had a mini electric fan clipped to her register. I guess she agreed.

Another thing that sucks about this transition weather, is that you can’t commit to one wardrobe. Some days have been cold enough to merit sweat pants and a sweater, where others are warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. Therefore, for 2 months my closet and drawers are jammed with almost every item of clothing I own…I can’t put my shorts away yet – not while there are still days that will climb into the high 60’s or 70’s. It will be December before I tuck those puppies away.

I think I’ll be relieved once the mercury drops on a steady basis. At least if the weather outside is in the 20’s, picking clothes is a no duh. But days that start off at 39 degrees and then soar to 72 leave me scratching my head i nutter perplexion.  Let’s face it, for now I can’t quite figure out what to wear…or where to shop. Perhaps I should invest in a battery powered fan….