Christmas themed commercials are already starting. One TV station aired The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on Saturday night. The Christmas decorations are already up in and around town Say goodbye to the 12 days of Christmas…we now have a holiday season that spans close to two months.

Yeah, it’s annoying. I remember as a kid I never saw Santa ride on his little Norelco shaver sled until after Thanksgiving. The holiday shows like Rudolph and Frosty began on or shortly after December 1st. Nowadays the candle is barely blown out of your Jack o’ Lantern before the Christmas commercials begin to appear on television. And the stores? Fuggedaboudit.

I went to go get some last minute Halloween stuff 3 days before the 31st and the Halloween aisles at the store were broken down to 2 sloppy, picked over rows…and shelves that were once devoted to ghosts and candy and masks was now laden with Christmas paraphernalia. In October.

But there is nothing that can be done about it. Madison Avenue and retailers have us by the short hairs. Sure, I can turn off my television. I can refuse to venture into the Christmas section at Target and Walmart. But what impact is it going to make? Even if every man woman and child stood up and marched in the streets to bring and end to early Christmas advertising, a commercial for the Holiday print Snuggie will still invade my living room in early November.

So fuck it, I’ll embrace it! You know, It takes me a full day each year to drag out all of my decorations and set them up, only to enjoy them for 3 or 4 short weeks before I have to endure the agony of putting them all away. If I’m going to really seize the 55 days of Christmas with gusto, I need to get my stuff up as early as possible! My husband is the type who begins commenting on when to take the tree down at around 7:15 pm on December 25th. Think of what he’s going to say when he sees the Christmas Village set up before Thanksgiving! My house will be adorned with twinkle lights before Black Friday, and my tree will be put up no later than December 1st.

And I feel fairly certain that this is as bad as it will get. I don’t think the retail and advertising folks would dare to push the envelope further than November 1st. Santy Claus and Halloween just don’t mix. I will therefore learn to accept and love the 55 days of Christmas.