Let me start off by saying that there are things about each and every season that I adore. Seasons are the main reason why after two years I ran screaming north with flailing arms from the state of Florida. Seasons mean change. I like change. Change is good.

I can tell you I didn’t learn to really appreciate fall until I was in my late twenties. Up until then, fall meant one thing: school starting. The turning leaves and cool, crisp air was for so long associated with homework and tests that it would depress me. It took quite a few years to get used to the fact that school was over – and autumn slowly grew into a time of magical beauty for me.

I love the cooler temps in Fall. I’m not at my best in the heat. And because I like to walk during my lunch hour, the cooler weather makes it comfortable and relaxing rather than a mid-day sweat bath. I also love that we can leave the windows and doors open on a sunny weekend day. I can also say Sayonara to air conditioning!

I also like raking leaves. I enjoy getting out early on a cool weekend day to rake and bag leaves. Not only is it great exercise, but I love the look of a freshly raked front yard. Granted, I have to be in the mood for this particular chore, otherwise it can feel like you’re an inmate along the side of the road in an orange jumpsuit.

I look forward to Halloween and then Thanksgiving. I like going apple picking. I love the smell the house gets the first time I put on the heat. I like the first time I have to dig a pair a sweat pants out of winter storage. I enjoy making soups and chili in place of burgers on the grill. I love the way my drive home changes subtly every day as leaves get more vibrant – the landscape is different with each commute. I like grabbing the mail in my slipper boots.

Yep, fall kicks ass.