Tonight I am throwing my daughter a slightly belated birthday party. Her birthday is in August, but we couldn’t decide on a decent party idea – hubby was dead set against a sleep over, and other ideas were either too expensive or just didn’t pan out. As it got closer to Halloween, we opted for a sweet sixteen spooktacular. The plan is to hang out at the house, eat some food and then head out to one of two haunted trail walks.

These Halloween walks are insanely popular with the teens.  The woods are filled with chainsaw wielding ghouls who are usually friends of theirs from high school. I hate these things personally. I went on a haunted trail a few years back with my oldest and I hated not knowing when folks were going to pop out of the woods at you. My plan is to sit in the car and read while the girls wander the night and get their yearly scare. Besides, an out of breath middle aged house fraü following behind might make this pack of 16 year girls look ultra lame.

Now this awesome party idea is on the brink of ruin. Yesterday it was close to 80 degrees. Today? 44 degrees with a chance of snow. That chance of snow translates into a very good possibility of freezing cold rain.

When I saw the weather report last night I was frantic. It’s bad enough I  have to drive to the middle of nowhere at night. I hate driving at night, especially along these roads that are twisty and turny and filled with evil deer. But the thought of driving at night in freezing rain to get to a haunted trail walk that will be canceled if it is raining does not appeal to me.

And of course no alternate plan like bowling or movies holds the same attraction as rambling through the ghoulie infested countryside. I thought I was doomed until I remembered that UVA holds a really good haunted house event, and it’s mostly inside.


It still means finding parking (very hard around campus) and walking halfway across the university, and waiting out in the cold until it’s your turn to go in.

Whose idea was this anyway? I can’t wait until I’m in bed tonight.