Alice in Wonderland in the red light district – puhleeze

Today I am dragging my 16 year old to our local Goodwill store in search of a Halloween costume. She is not sure what she wants to be, and we both agree that the store-bought costumes lean pretty far in the red on the skank-o-meter. Every costume has a short skirt and requires thigh-high stockings and f-me pumps.

We shall pass, thank you.

I’m sort of looking forward to what we can find. Maybe some crazy old lady dress or a pair of ridiculous overalls, or something so 80’s that we will heading to the store for hair mouse, aqua net and bright pink lipstick. In any case it should be sort of fun.

As I probably stated in some past blog, I can’t ever recall having a store-bought costume. My mom either made it, or we invented something using all the old clothes we had up in the attic. Hell, I remember my mom made me a genie costume when I was in college! (kind o’ wish I still had that one.)

It is impossible for us to duplicate my childhood traditions for 2 reasons:

  1. I can’t sew very well or very economically – it is actually cheaper for my to buy a costume.
  2. I have very few old clothes due to the fact hubby is the antithesis of a pack-rat. Everything must go in our house.

I am confident that we can find something. And if we can’t? Well, that’s where imagination and the internet come in. I saw one home made costume photo online before of a dude wearing a multitude of  “hello, my name is” badges with different names. He was an identity thief. Clever, huh?

This is why I’m looking forward to finding something unique and kitchy – If anyone can put her creative juices to good use on a Sunday afternoon, I can.

Then I get to carve pumpkins.