The Powerball jackpot is up to $148 million. I always get a weird thrill when one of the major lottery games gets into really big money. I am one of those folks who figures “someone has to win it…may as well be me.”

It never is me, but it’s fun to think about it happening. I can’t imagine what it must be like to check your ticket online or in the paper and slowly come to the realization that the numbers are matching. That has got to be an insanely ridiculously awesome feeling.

When the payouts get huge, I often fantasize with my daughters about what we would do with the money if we won. This usually occurs on the long drive home from town after one of our weekend shopping excursions where I have told them everything is too expensive. Most times they groan, and say “we’re never gonna win!” But I can’t help myself…it’s such a wonderful way to daydream through my tedious, winding drive in my crappy 1999 piece of shit station wagon.

After coaxing them to play, we fantasize about the usual stuff – spending a month at Disney World, moving into an insanely huge house with a pool and a home theater, and where the girl’s bedrooms would be large enough to house a Cesna, buying a summer home on Martha’s Vineyard…you know, the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous kinda stuff. But there really things way more basic I dream about.

I think of never having to strategically plan paying a bill. When the bill comes in, it can be paid immediately. There’d be no waiting until payday only to realize that paying that bill also means a steady diet of ramen until the next payday. Where there is yet another bill waiting to be paid.

I think of not having to worry about sending my girls to college.

I think of never having to sit at my desk at work again, being forced to listen to shitty music.

I think of having a car that was built in the last century as my primary vehicle…then also having a vintage Karmaan Ghia convertible for shits and giggles.

I know money can’t solve life’s problems. I know money can’t buy you love. But could a few extra bucks hurt so much? Like 148 million of them?  I can’t help but think of a scene in the movie Arthur (the 1st one – I’m still mad at Russel Brand for doing the remake). The Florist asks him “how does it feel to have all that money?” When Arthur responds “it feels great,”  the florist replies “it’s a dumb question.”

And I’ve seen the stories where lottery winners have had their lives ruined  – the way I see it, there are worse ways to have your life go into the toilet. Those folks were dopes if you want my honest opinion. They are the types like Charlie Sheen who take a good thing and piss all over it.

All I’m asking for is the chance to ruin myself…Come on lady luck….bring it on.