A Reasonable Facsimile of my Cookies

…nothing pleases me more than when I make something the family enjoys.

I’m not a great cook. I tried to be, early on in life. My mom was a good cook. Both of my sisters fairly rock the Casbah in the kitchen. Me? I am more in the “close but no cigar” category.

My food is usually missing some essential spice or flavor. My gravy is too gummy. My chicken is too dry. My mashed potatoes have lumps. It’s all edible, but it’s just ok.

Last night I made oatmeal raisin cookies. I’ve made them before a bunch of times, and they are usually big, dense hunks of oatmeal. This time I decided to incorporate coconut. I’d done it in the past and really liked the flavor it added. So, I looked up a recipe, mixed it all up, and shoved them in the oven. I even remembered to make the butter and eggs room temperature, like Ina Garten advises. (insert culinary pat on the back here.)

The one thing I know how to do is to not overbake cookies. But I had to scratch my head when I went to take these cookies out of the oven. They were really flat. I let them cool, then poked them with the spatula and found them to be sound – they didn’t crumble or disintegrate. After the required cooling time, I gave them a taste.

Wow, they were really good. They may not be pretty, but they were pretty good. I think the problem with the flatness was my baking soda is a tad out of date. Ok, probably sinfully out of date. Yet it didn’t affect the taste at all.

Even so I got the ultimate compliment about 30 minutes ago. Hubby asked if I could make more. He had just finished the last cookie and wanted to know if I had the fixings for another batch.

Ha ha! Success.

My butter is room temping now.

Let me make sure my mixing bowls are in order. Mama has some baking to do.