I don’t know about you, but I love a good TV night. Yes, there may be a few of you out there who sniff with an air of superiority and claim that you don’t watch television. I’ve come across quite a few of those, and I just don’t get it. But it’s in a way where people don’t get how I hate seafood. It’s not a judgmental thing, but more of a different strokes kind of “wtf” moment.

I can recall other great TV nights from my days gone by. I remember NBC Thursday nights (spanning several years) filled with Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, ER, Family Ties. I can also recall a Friday Night line-up that used to keep me home (I was young, so I was pretty much staying home anyway) to watch The Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, the Odd Couple and Love American Style. A bad TV memory was spending Saturday night watching The Love Boat and Fantasy Island while in college and sulking over the fact that I had no dates or no parties to go to. That was my loser lineup.

In any case, Wednesday night in the fall of 2011 has become a kick-ass tv night for me – the best of the week, if I may be so bold. Here is my 3 hours of sheer bliss:

8 pm – Survivor
I used to not be into this show at all, but I have become more enamored with it over the past few years. I think I like the challenges which are very intricate and complex – you never know who is going to win. The backstabbing drama and too skinny girls all too happy to not eat are a snore, but it comes with the package.

9 pm – America’s Next Top Model All Stars
I have been watching ANTM for years. Thank goodness for all the reruns on weekends…nothing beats a cold, rainy Sunday with a Top Model marathon on Oxygen. In any case, to see all of the past losers vie for another shot at top model stardom makes me run in place, shake my hands and go “ooooooooohhhhhhh!”

10 pm – Top Chef Just Desserts
Ok, this is the red headed step child to regular Top Chef, but I still love it. I miss Padma and Tom, but at least nothing is made with seafood. I get tired of the constant parade of seared scallops on traditional Top Chef.

I have to DVR all of these as well, because you never know if I will A) fall asleep or B) power will go out or C) there will be a kidlet/family emergency which will pull me reluctantly away from the TV.

Or in my case right now, that I keep blogging  to the point where I miss my shows.