aaaahhhh....thin and cheesy

The other night while deciding what to get for dinner, we stumbled across the same old argument…what pizza to get. We have a really great pizza joint by us which is hard to come by in central Virginia. It’s no surprise that it’s run by folks from New York, which is why it’s so good. My husband and I drool over the thought of an extra large pie with it’s super thin crust.

My kids? They think it’s gross. They want Domino’s. Yuck. Or even worse, Papa John’s. They also like Subway, which makes me crazy.

You don’t understand. Having grown up right outside New York City, I had access to not only the best pizza on the planet, but also the most kick ass sandwiches made on kick ass bread.

My kids, on the other hand, have grown a fast food palette.

We didn’t have Dominos growing up. We had Donna’s. A small, family run pizza parlor in Palisades Park, NJ and it was the freakin’ best. There were others who could come close, but there was something about their cramped little store front, faded formica counters and next to no inside seating. It was order and go and the pizza was AMAZING.

And Subway? Feh! Our town had Joe’s Subs. The most delectable, sumptuous sub joint in northern New Jersey.  There are countless facebook conversations amongst my fellow town-folk devoted to this place. for under $2 you could get a sub loaded with thinly sliced, high-quality deli meat on can’t-get-anywhere in-the-south bread. Lettuce, Onions, Tomatoes, Vinegar & Oil, Oregano, Salt & Pepper. End of chat. Maybe mayo. Maybe mustard. No ranch dressing. No chipotle southwest gobbledy gook.

When that place closed down, there were others that took their place. Lucy’s subs in Palisades Park and then Bartolomeo’s when Lucy’s closed down. Point being, these were mom & pop shops where they didn’t close due to lack of customers. They closed because they got old, and rich and said “screw it, let’s retire to the Jersey shore.”

My kids, on the other hand, prefer the crappy franchise brands of food. I mean, pizza and subs are simple, but can be sooooooooooo good when made by the right people. Yet they prefer the pre-fab variety because we moved to areas where nobody delivered or there were no good affordable alternatives to begin with. We live in the sticks, and in the sticks you get the franchise.

Hell’s bells, what have I done?