Ancient, Old, and Really Interesting

Today I took a nice 2 mile walk which ended with an odd detour.

It was a bit muggy, and as I walked and walked, I realized that this particular chapter of “Great Expectations” on my iPod was a real snooze – I hadn’t been paying attention to the antics of Pip in the slightest and I realized the entire chapter had passed and I hadn’t really heard any of it. I switched to music which also got annoying – but that might have partly been because I was in the middle of a fairly steep hill, which once crested lead to a slightly less steep incline.

Who chose this route today, anyway? Walking uphill makes me crabby. And hot. And mad that I’m fat and hot and crabby.

I glanced to the right and saw the Maplewood cemetery and decided to take a detour from the hills from hell. If I cut across the cemetery, my walk will be less steep, and far more interesting. I wandered through the rows of headstones reading names and dates and epitaphs. I passed by beloved daughters, sons, wives and husbands. Some of the stones were so worn and old the writing was impossible to read. Many of those resting in peace were born in the 1800’s – I found one lady who lived to 101, and a boy who didn’t live to see 2.

Many were in their teens or twenties when they died and it made me wonder what had befallen them. Disease, accidents, childbirth – it made me think of how much harder life must have been back then. And here I am pissed that I have to walk a hill during lunch.

I think I’ll visit this cemetery more often. I found it charmingly peaceful, and slightly creepy, but just enough to make it interesting – not scary. There is another old cemetery a few blocks from work in the other direction. Perhaps I’ll wander through there tomorrow, especially if Pip is dull again.