After our rockin’ weekend of Disney on Ice and shopping, Sunday was turning into a walk on the blah side for my 9 year old. My oldest was hanging out with her boyfriend today – she officially changed her facebook status to “in a relationship” the other day, and I totally had an “awwww” moment (the boy is parent approved.)

I had a TON of cleaning to do, which included the garage (post garage sale cluster-“f”) the oven (just groan…easy off or not, this chore sucks) and the rest of the house. After dropping off my oldest at her boyfriends, daughter #2 and I headed to the store. Not knowing what to make for dinner, and seeing that steak – always the preferred choice – was not on sale, I asked her “what should we make for dinner?” She suggested soup – a meal she has been dying to make for the past few months.

Well, the past few months have been hot. But today is rainy and gray –  not really cold, but gloomy enough to merit a big pot of soup. We got some chicken, and veggies, and broth – all the necessary spices, and some noodles. Once home I wiped out the oven, started some more laundry and pulled my girly girl into the kitchen for her first lesson in soup making.

We chopped veggies and dumped the chicken parts into the pot, filled it up with stock and water, added the spices and let time do it’s job. She was a bit disappointed that the soup wasn’t done immediately, but I schooled her on the process of cooking soup.

2 hours later, after cleaning the garage, and watching road kill get devoured by 7 carnivorous birds that resembled evil turkeys, we feasted on our soup. I had heated some bread until it was warm and crusty, and ladled out the soup over egg noodles.

In a word, O——-M——-G.

This soup was really good. I’ve made chicken noodle soup from “scratch” before – ok I used store bought stock…big deal – but this was way better. Of course I added more spices than the recipe called for – way more – and I think that’s what made it a success.

My daughter ate 2 huge bowls along with some bread, and is now lounging on the couch waiting for her belly to deflate. I, of course, take that as a huge compliment.  I remember when my mother would make soup. I’d eat bowl after bowl after bowl loaded with pepper.

It rocks my planet that I can pass on a memory like that to my girls.