Come on Baby Light my Fire

My husband has a very unique job skill…he drives a zamboni.

For those of you who have no clue what in the world that is, it is an ice resurfacer mainly used between periods in hockey games. But is also used in ice skating rinks around the world. He used to drive the zamboni for the Richmond Renegades (a hockey team) but the group disbanded a few years ago. However, the arena still carries Disney on Ice twice a year, and that is when he gets to drive his big, blue machine once again.

Last night we attended the latest version of Disney on Ice featuring Tiana, Cinderella & Rapunzel, otherwise known as “Tangled.” Hubby saw in the Thursday night show that at a point in the Tangled portion of the performance, they chose a child from the audience to hold a lantern out to Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder where they then proceed to set it aloft and the child receives hugs from both characters.

It’s one of those moments where every child is envious that it’s not them and every parent is pissed that it’s not their kid in the spotlight. But my balls of steel, filled with chutzpah husband pulled the necessary strings. He spoke to the guy who is in charge of selecting the child and made sure she would be the lantern wielding beauty for the night.

When we got to our seats, he met us, pulled Sasha aside and said, “do you want to be in the show?” After explaining to her what her role entailed she ecstatically agreed to participate. All through the first act of the show she would look at me with a dazed expression and exclaim, “I can’t believe I’m going to be the one!

When the time came hubby escorted her away, and I readied my camera. What made this all the better is that the “Tangled” portion of the show was by far the most spectacular. There was a portion that was half ice skating and half cirque de solei as the characters spun and flew above the ice from Rapunzel’s hair. The other acts got polite applause, but these feats brought the house down.

And then enters my daughter.

She stood on a platform at one corner of the rink holding the ceremonial lantern and the now short, dark haired Rapunzel and Flynn rushed to greet her.  The three of them set the lantern afloat and I was so proud of her sense of drama, and the fact that she didn’t act goofy or shy – she rose to the occasion.

My wish? That I had dressed her better. That I had a snappy outfit and a crown and a professional hair dresser – not yoga pants, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and braids.

In any case, she rocked the Kasbah. We had a family or two approach us after the show – I think she felt a little like celebrity. And I’m so thankful that her daddy pulled those strings and let her feel like a star for a few minutes. That’s one of the few things mommy can’t do.