Crash! Bang!

Today my 16 year old decided to blow off the school bus home and get a ride with her boyfriend and his dad. His dad is the music teacher at the elementary school, and usually leaves right after the bell rings. It is her job/responsibility to get home as soon as possible and watch my 9 year old if both daddy and I have to work. However, today boyfriend’s dad had band practice – a fact that my daughter or her boyfriend were not aware of. This means that my youngest was going to be home alone for longer than I like.

And of course disaster strikes.

First, my youngest calls me to say that she heard a scary noise when she was coming up the driveway. The way she described it sounded like a buzz saw – perhaps a neighbor was cutting down a tree – but to a kid who is alone, that sound can instantly transform a sunny neighborhood into a monster ravaged war zone. It took me a while to calm her down, but eventually I got her off the phone.

30 minutes later my phone rings again, and my youngest is in hysterics on the phone. My mommy radar goes to defcon 5 and I run out of my office with my phone yelling “calm down!” as co-workers stare at me. I was worried that after her first call, perhaps a buzz saw wielding maniac was banging on our front door.

And then I heard her sob “car crash!”

It seems that there was a car accident on the road behind our house and the sounds of tires screeching and metal crunching was quite frightening for my little punkin’ puss. Once I got her calmed down, I had to laugh though. What was there to be frightened of really? Unless one of the cars in the crash was a van filled with dangerous fugitives who were now running amok in our back yard, the fear factor was pretty low. But I guess the sudden loud noise coupled with her being alone was too much for her to bear.

Poor baby.

My 16 year old got a lecture when I got home. She now has a permanent, non-transferable bus pass.