This weekend my neighborhood is holding a community garage sale, and I have decided to take part in it. I have no chachkies to sell. No antiques to get rid of. This one is for my kids, and it’s gonna be all toys.

My kids love the idea of having a garage sale. I think they like the notion that they get to play shop keeper – sit behind a table of merchandise and wheel, deal and make change for the general public. And this community-wide sale is the perfect opportunity. The area will be teeming with garage sale enthusiasts, but I wonder if they will bother to stop at my house.

I warned my girls that having a kid’s garage sale could be risky. It’s one thing when you have a toy table at a traditional garage sale. But when you have solely toys, will parents be inclined to stop? It will be interesting to see if we get any takers.

For the past week we’ve been busy unearthing massive quantities of unused and discarded toys. We’ve sorted, cleaned, categorized and reminisced about 16 years worth of toys. Some items my kids refused to part with even though they have outgrown them and I totally get that. I still have a few Fisher Price Little People toys from my child hood and as broken down as they are I treasure them.

Tomorrow my “gates” open at 8 am which means I have a ton of work to do tonight. It should be amusing – I’m going to try to make it entertaining even if we don’t get many customers, and I’ll try not to think of it as a chore.

My husband is dead set against the whole practice. He thinks garage sales are white trash, but I think they are kind of fun. It’s only white trash if you hold one every weekend. But once every 5 years or so, it’s a charming way to unload the stuff you regret buying. So let him stay in the house – this one’s girls only.