Soda Goes Sha-Shing!!!!

I was at the store today and went to pick up some soda for my husband and the kids. I don’t drink it much – I prefer Iced tea. As I scanned the shelves for their favorite brands, I had to do a double take – when did soda get so expensive????

A 12-pack of soda costs over $5.00 now. FIVE BUCKS! And a two liter bottle is over $2.00. I saw that Pepsi products were on sale, so I went to go pick up some of that. The sale price was somewhere around $4.50 – That’s a SALE price????? What the heck has gone on in the world? Why has the price of soda sky rocketed so much?

I came home and told hubby he has to find a new beverage. I bought a pack of Crystal Light iced tea mix – enough for 4 GALLONS of tea, for less than the cost of a six pack of Coke Zero. But he’ll never be able to change. Coke products are a true addiction for him.

I for one, refuse to pay it. If the kids want soda, they are going to have to settle for the store brand.