Hello? McFly?For months now I’ve been meaning to make doctor appointments for my daughters…both eye and pediatrician. We were without health coverage for a while, so they are both ripe for a trip to the doctor.

I hate making appointments. First there’s the rigmarole of looking up the number, and then waiting on hold until someone can un-busy themselves enough to take your call. The appointment is invariably scheduled for 3 months down the line, because that’s their first opening. And it never fails – when the appointment looms near, I discover THE CONFLICT. Be it a school play, work function or my yearly trip to Mars, I always have to call and reschedule.

This is why I hate making appointments.

So this morning I made a calendar of every known upcoming event and every work related deadline. I then called the eye doctor (they are more likely to be jammed up with appointments) and pin pointed a date when both my girls could be seen back to back that was also free on my calendar. Afterwards, I called the pediatrician and made a appointment for the very same day. I will take that day off from work and it will be “doctor day.”

Too bad I couldn’t fit a dentist appointment in there too. Crap. I wonder how many months it will take me to make that call.