Ever go through a couple of days when you just feel down? It may not be for one specific reason, like when you lose your job. Sometimes the culprit is a combination of several little, seemingly inconspicuous things that compiled together leave you feeling devitalized. Melancholy. Woebegone.

So what has left me in the dumps? Could be the weather. It’s been rainy for quite a few days, and a lot cooler than normal. It’s been great for sleeping, but then you have to wake up and go to work and that’s no fun.

Then this morning my youngest was looking to wear pants to school and none of her pants from last year fit her. This means a trip to the store to buy new ones. Scratch that….replace it with store(s) in the massive plural category rather than the singular.

Imagine an afternoon spending 30 minutes at a time in a hot, narrow changing room tugging on and then stripping off pair after pair after pair of pants; “These are too tight. These make me look fat. These ride up my butt. These are an ugly color.” And during all of this I am treated to multiple, close-up views in a variety of mirrors of my fat ass and a face that is growing sweatier and angrier by the minute.

Segue right into reason #2 – my body. Uff da, did I let things slide towards the end of the summer. I kept meaning to get back on my diet, but some holiday or family visit or party would spring up.  The next thing you know I’m stepping on the scale and the letters WTF show up in place of my usual numbers (which weren’t all that great to begin with). So what’s a gal to do? You clamp down, eat right and get your ass moving every day. But right at the beginning it sucks because all you feel is fat – there’s no loss to boost your esteem and get you super motivated.

A bad hair month does not help lift your spirits either. I can’t seem to ever get a decent haircut, and now I’ve gone and colored it in an attempt to cover the gray. I went from close to blond to very dark brown over the course of the Labor Day weekend. It’s not very becoming. Nobody at work has said anything to me, but I did get a few looks. Oh, but remember, nobody at work talks to me anyway, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. God, no wonder I’m depressed.

But fear not, dear reader. Something stupid will come my way in a day or two that will brighten my dreary countenance. Perhaps I’ll buy a winning lottery ticket, or the scale might move in a more favorable direction. Maybe Squeeze will tour again and play in my hometown, or my lousy little blog will get freshly pressed. Something always happens to turn the tide.

Maybe I’ll go hold a kitten this afternoon. How could that NOT cheer a gal up?