I must wake you

On the last day of this long, holiday weekend I have come to the conclusion that as much as I love my kitties during the day, I hate their furry little guts at 5:45 a.m.

They are trained in the art of the rise & shine.

On weekdays I get up very early. I need time in the morning to have a cup or two of tea, peruse Facebook and fill out all my little sweepstakes entries for the day (don’t ask…it’s an experiment). In any case, the kitties have become used to the weekday routine. They don’t believe in sleeping late on the weekends.

So, every Saturday & Sunday morning they pay a little visit to me. Well, I shouldn’t say “they.” It’s really only Dodger, our black & white male. He is quite the scamp and makes no bones about letting me know it’s time to A) feed him, and B) let him out. His methods of rousing me from my slumber are varied, but all quite effective.

He may play with my glasses. That is never good because if they fall off the nightstand, I may never find them. Yes, I’m that blind. He’ll actually stoop to playing with anything in the room that makes a rattling, shuffling or clattering noise. How else is he supposed to wake me up?

And he’s clever about it too. He makes sure that what he is playing with is far enough away from me that I cannot just swat his fuzzy little fanny and send him packing. Even if he does mistakenly taunt me within striking distance, a swat never deters him. He may run out of the room, but he trots back in within a few minutes – I’m not sure where he learned the old adage, but this kitty adheres to “if at first you don’t succeed…”

Yesterday morning I got up and let them out at 6 am, and then actually went back to bed. I don’t usually do that – once I’m up, I am UP. This morning the cantankerous kitty managed to sound the alarm by knocking over a bucket of Lego’s in my daughter’s room. It’s hard to fall back asleep when your senses have been assaulted in that manner.

Up at 6 a.m. on a day off. A holiday.

The kicker is, he will scratch at the door to come back in an hour or two later. He will fill up on his kitty kibble, find a comfy spot, circle once or twice, plop down and go to sleep. Undisturbed. And I let him. Cause he’s so cute and because at heart I am an early riser. Just like my black and white little buddy.