Turn that frown upside-down you moron!

Every Friday in the spring/summer months, our town has an event called “Fridays After Five.” There’s music and beer and wine and dancing and loads of people. It’s held at an outdoor amphitheater that my husband works for, and he’s been trying to get us to come all summer long. I was always either tired, or it was too hot, or we had other plans. But this week they had a decent Beatles cover band and the UVA band & cheerleaders were going to be there to promote the opening of the 2011 football season (go hoos go), so hubby was campaigning heavily for us to attend.

My problem lies in the fact that this event is held in the exact same spot where I work. So, I’d have to leave work, drive the 25 minutes home, pick up the kids, drive the 25 minutes back and find a place to park – again. I was exhausted just typing that…imagine doing it!

I managed to get off work early yesterday to try and ease the pain of the back and forth driving scenario – I figure if I can flop at home for even a half an hour it won’t be so bad. Trouble is, once I get home, I want to stay there….Friday night? TV to myself? Bottle o’ wine? Who needs faux Beatles and college football?

Also, my oldest wanted to go to the first home football game at her high school – now I REALLY hate doing that. So, she was pissed that she couldn’t go, and I was tired, and my youngest was whining that she wanted to go see daddy and have a balloon animal made, and my bottle of wine was calling to me as was the couch. My mood deteriorated quickly.

I stomped around the house for a few minutes and then barked to the girls that we were going to town and to shut up and get ready. I was going, but I wasn’t gonna like it. Hmph!

We stopped and had some dinner, which put everyone in a slightly better mood and headed for the Fridays event. Within minutes of meeting up with hubby he slapped a glass of wine in my hand (free of charge – even better!) and we took the girls to the bouncy house and balloon making man. The girls and I did some shopping, ate some doughnuts, and watched a zillion people enjoying the night. And before I knew it I was one of those people – actually enjoying my night!

We went to leave at around 9 pm. On our way to the car, we passed a local artisan gallery who was also having some sort of opening/celebration. They had a giant tee-pee, and a dude juggling fire balls, and hula hoops and drums – who could resist? The girls and I walked over and took part in the festivities. It was a tad bohemian…but very fun. I actually tried to hula-hoop. Unsuccessfully. I used to be good at hula hooping. Really good. But, that was a few pounds and a few years ago…

All in all, a night that began with 3 sour-pusses finished up with one happy family. And I still got the tv to myself once we got home. Now that’s what I call a win-win!