Pavelka, please!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been really into watching “Bachelor Pad.”  I know, I know – it’s totally embarrassing. But really, I can’t help myself.

I didn’t even watch any of “The Bachelor” shows until the season of Jake. Howard Stern talked about the show all the time, so I watched the pilot episode of that season out of sheer curiosity. I got totally hooked. I don’t know if it was because Jake was so freaking cute, or because of all the back stabbing behind the scenes drama on the women’s side of the show. All I know is by the season’s end I was crushed when Ali was forced to leave and was furious when Jake chose Vienna.

Needless to say, I watched the following season of “The Bachelorette” to see if Ali could hold my attention. I immediately loved Frank, and fans of the show know how that turned out. Those two seasons sort of sold me on the franchise. I have to admit, I did skip quite a few episodes of Brad Womack’s season – truth is he did nothing for me, but I did watch all of this past season with Ashley. Come on, there was a guy in a mask. TV gold ladies and gents, TV gold.

Part of the reason I am watching the second season of “Bachelor Pad” is because it has many of the players I know from the seasons I watched, Jake included. So far it’s great! Vienna, Jake’s ex is now dating a previous Bachelorette contestant named Casey, who on top of being a giant pussy, has a voice like Kermit the frog. This is after she’s bounced her loins off a few other prior contestants. It’s hysterical to watch. She’s all victimized and scared of Jake, and cowers in Kermit’s, er, Casey’s arms while he professes to be her protector in a voice that is one octave below Betty Boop’s.

Ames with his look of: What? Huh?

The best part of the last show was the ending where one contestant chose love over money. Ames, the wide-eyed, too-straight toothed bachelor, who is never without an expression of utter bewilderment on his oddly proportioned face, jumped into the back of limo to follow his new love who had just been voted off the show. It was sorta nice.

I just read, however, that the romance which sparked the aforementioned act of love and devotion, ended just a few short weeks later. Hope the limo ride was worth $250 G’s. Ames. Ah, who are we kidding…there’s no way you could’ve won with the vermin who remain in the house.

I have to admit, I’m rooting once again for Jake. Despite what Vienna and Kermit, er, Casey might have to say about him, he’s a freaking cutie. If he takes his shirt off once an episode, I’ll keep watching. Hear that ABC?