Lost but not forgotten

I drink a lot of tea at work. Each day before I go home, I wash my mug and put it in the dish drainer. On most occasions, there are more than a few dishes in the sink – there are some people who perhaps feel they are above the menial task of hand washing a dish.

If you haven’t already guessed, there is no dishwasher in my office. That in itself is no big deal – but I  have come to realize that my employers tend to skimp on anything that provides some sort of comfort for their employees. There is no water cooler, and our tap water tastes like ass. There is no coffee machine. Now, I don’t drink coffee, but most coffee makers come with a hot water spigot so one can make tea. Ergo, I must microwave the ass water in order to make my tea. There are no cleaners to wipe down your screen, or your desk. There are no paper cups – but you are free to bring in your own mug. But there was a sponge…

When I started here a year ago the sponge available for use was so old  and disgusting, that using it left your hands confused as to whether to smell musty or mildewy. I would need to wash my hands with lots of soap to erase the smell of that decaying sponge. So I did what any self respecting dishwasher would do – I brought in a new sponge.

In the year that has passed, I have brought in 3 sponges from home. I had often thought of buying a pack of sponges at the local CVS and just adding the cost to my expense account. But whenever I had the idea, I never had the $3.49 to spare for office sponges. And over the past year I have always washed my stuff, and sometimes, have even washed the dishes of others.

On Friday, I went to wash my mug only to discover that the sponge was missing. Some turd had thrown it away, probably because it had seen better days but failed to replace it with a new one. I put my mug in the sink and went home, making a mental note to bring in a sponge.

I forgot the sponge on Monday. I washed my mugs with a paper towel that is the same quality as prison toilet paper – no Bounty at my office! It took roughly 4 attempts to get the mug clean. On Tuesday, I forgot the sponge again. At the days end I put my mug in the sink, which was getting rather full, and vowed to remember the sponge for the next morning. I’d get all those dishes done while my ass water was heating in the microwave for my morning cup of tea.

As soon as I got home I slipped our last sponge in my lunch bag. When I arrived at the office Wednesday morning I went back to the kitchen prepared to get washing and noticed the sink was empty. I glanced at the draining board and saw that it too was empty. I looked in all the cabinets only to find them void of any of my mugs. It seems that someone, tired of seeing the dirty dishes in the sink, decided to throw everything in the trash. Although I only had one dirty mug in the sink, other mugs of mine had been used by employees, all of which were left unwashed and were now gone.

I was and still am pretty pissed. The reason why nothing was washed was because THERE WAS NO FUCKING SPONGE you MORON! Perhaps a strongly worded email with a warning would’ve been preferable to THROWING OUT PEOPLE’S PERSONAL STUFF DURING A HISSY FIT.

I spoke to two of my closer co-workers who guesses that one of the owners did it. I wanted to send an email or ask about it, but my meek, doesn’t-want-to-cause-trouble evil twin took over my body. I don’t want to draw attention to myself – I just want to do my work and get paid. But, it gave me one more reason to look at this company with a suspicious, side-long glance.

Today I noticed the dishwashing soap is almost gone. I can assure you I am NOT bringing that from home.