the lunchbox has landed - sans one turkey sandwich

Yesterday was my kids’ first day of school. I know it’s early…I have blogged/whined about this fact in the past. All in all, their day went well.

Enter the morning of day two. I had to make both the girls lunch – corn dog nuggets and baked beans were on the cafeteria menu. Wouldn’t you pack a lunch, too? My girls like a good sandwich for lunch; ham for daughter #1 and turkey for daughter #2. I had two rolls left and I had just bought a pound of ham yesterday afternoon. I didn’t bother to buy turkey because I knew I still had some in the fridge.

As I dug through the meat & cheese drawer gathering all I needed to build these sandwiches, I couldn’t seem to find the turkey. Hmmm. No, that’s bacon. No, that’s Muenster cheese. I pop my head up and ask hubby, who is notorious for moving things around in the fridge, “Where did the turkey go?”

He looked at me with surprised horror and stated, “I ate it for lunch yesterday.”

This is another thing hubby is notorious for. He will use the last of something, be it turkey, mustard, cream cheese, zip lock bags, and not tell me. I, therefore, keep this food/pantry item in my mental store room and only find it’s missing when I need it the most. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prepared a hot dog only to find there is no mustard – to me, that’s like eating cereal with no milk.

So I balled him out. A little. I didn’t have time for anything more elaborate because it was 6:30 a.m. and I had to scramble to invent a lunch. Daughter #2 tends to be a bit picky, so we went over all the choices and settled on a smorgasbord lunch comprised of this & that from the cabinets and fridge.

And today when I go to the store? I am loading up on things that can easily be made into a last-minute lunch. I just hope hubby doesn’t eat them all.