You wascally wabbit!

Sam, if you’re reading this before August 14th, stop now.

A few years ago I purchased some iron-on transfer paper that you can run through your printer – which sat in my “craft” closet collecting dust since then. Yesterday it came to mind as we were stuck behind a slowpoke driving to the store, and a great birthday present idea began to blossom in my brain.

My oldest turns 16 next week. She has kept a sketchbook for the past few years and some of her doodles are really freaking cute. My plan was to scan them, print them onto the transfer paper, and make her an awesome T-shirt featuring her very own creations! After finding a great bargain priced white tee at Walmart (footnote – I hate that place) I was anxious to get home and get started!

The scanning was a bit tedious, as scanning tends to become, and I had to use all of my Photoshop skills – which are not very impressive – to turn light, feathery sketches into dark, bold drawings that would stand out on the shirt.

I laid an old towel down on my table and put a few sheets of paper inside the shirt to act as a shield. I had a mini ironing board in my laundry room, but it was mysteriously missing – hubby must’ve been cleaning recently and found a better place for it…most likely the trash can if he followed his normal M.O.

When it came time to iron them on, I nervously applied the first sketch. After the requisite amount of time under the iron, I removed the backing paper…and was amazed to see how cool it looked. I was elated! This thing is going to turn out GREAT! My plan was to make a ring of sketches around the tee – like Charlie Brown’s zig zag.

With the front side done, I flipped the shirt over to the back and began the process off ironing on the remaining sketches. I am beyond psyched. This is turning out better than I ever dreamed.

It’s at this point I come up with the idea to re-check the front of the shirt. The horror crept slowly into my soul as I tried to lift the front of the tee up from the towel only to find it sticking.


As I peel away the towel, little tiny bits of fluff adhere to the sketches I had ironed on earlier. I’ve ruined it! RUINED IT! Youngest tries to make me feel better by telling me “it’s ok mommy. Now it’s fuzzy! Fuzzy’s good!”

Suddenly my mind begins to race with options on how to fix this. I grab a tweezer, throw off my glasses and begin pulling each little fluff nugget off. Some are blue. Some are orange. Most are white. The white ones are easy. The blue and orange have left a little colored smudge behind. I grab some tape. I use it like you would to remove lint off of a garment. It helps…especially in getting the colors off. After 15 minutes of tweezing and taping, it actually looks good. I think I may have pulled this off. Until the sleeves.

I  had this other great idea of ironing on her doodles of Flapjack and Finn from Adventuretime onto the sleeves of her shirt as a sort of bonus. I don’t know if they make the sleeves of T-shirts out of a different, decal resistant material, but these mothers would NOT iron on properly. They were faded and light no matter how long I left them under the iron.

The result was that my shirt, which at one point was turning out phenomenally,  is now just okay. I’m sure she’ll still love it knowing the effort I put into making it. She’s that kind of kid. But will she wear it? Out. In public. That will be the true test to its success.