Cha-CHING! That will be too much of your hard-earned money, please!

My oldest daughter needed a new backpack. Her old one, which was new last year, got broken when she mistakenly slammed the car door on one of the strap buckles, thus smashing it. The pack was rendered fairly useless as the one strap would not stay secured, but she kept it until the school year ended.

We perused several stores today, but the packs were either the right style and color, but did not have the required amount of pouches, pockets and compartments, or it was well equipped but hideously ugly – like neon leopard.

We were all sick and tired of driving around town from store to store finding nothing. It was hot, we were thirsty, and I had a big dinner to cook at home, and still had to hit the supermarket to get the stuff for it. Our last stop was at Office Depot, and that was where she found the right pack.

For $52.00. If you listen closely you can hear my bank account weeping. Another wrinkle in this little tale is that Office Depot was the only store that was not discounting their backpacks in any way. Why me.

I don’t spend that much on a purse. Or shoes. Or pants that I will wear until they are frayed and stained and cut into shorts. So I let her know…this is your backpack until it falls apart. And it had better not fall apart. My mandatory sentence for this backpack is high school graduation two years away. Freshman year in college will be a bonus.

She had one backpack, a Jansport, that lasted her close to 3 years. The only reason we stopped using it was because it was really dirty and really ugly after so many trips to school. But it was still serviceable. It was respectfully retired and now sits in the closet to be used as an overnight bag. I figure if at the end of the day this pack lasts a few years, it will have paid itself off. I just wish I could’ve found that one great bargain. That great backpack at the incredible price.

Wait until hubby sees the debit on our bank account. The interrogation that is sure to follow will not be pleasant.