School Daze in the Heat & Haze of August

Yesterday I took my girls to their schools to meet their new teachers. Yes, I know it’s the middle of the summer, but here in good old Virginny they head back to school early. Tuesday is the first day of school – not late August or, God forbid, after Labor Day.

That means that this weekend we are off to get school supplies! That in itself can be maddening – narrow Target or WalMart aisles filled to the brim with moms & kids pawing for neon leopard patterned composition books and Hello Kitty lunchboxes.

One bonus: we are the only local county starting school next week so the stores might not be as crowded. But then again, it’s tax free back to school shopping weekend, so take the aforementioned bonus and grind it soundly under your heel.

My youngest shyly met her 4th grade teacher – a man. Her first male teacher. I liked him a lot. He was friendly, and goofy, and laid back and claimed he doesn’t assign a lot of homework. That will be a relief after the 2+ hours a night she had in 3rd grade.

My oldest, entering her junior year in high school, led us from class to class greeting teachers and getting supply lists. It amazes me that she is heading into her 3rd year of high school – before you know it she’ll be off to college.

College – don’t get me started on that topic.