This is where we sat, but the pier is under renovation

We spent the last full day of our vacation on the beaches of Daytona. Knowing we had a lot to accomplish while at the beach, we left the house by 10 am, which is really early for my little family. We got to Daytona and quickly found parking right by the pier. After securing our spot in the sand with umbrella, towels and chairs, we headed for the water.

The first part of our day went like this. Lube up kids with lotion. Realize we are out of lotion. Walk to store to buy overpriced replacement bottle of lotion. Lube up mom & dad. Head to water. Unsuccessfully boogie board. Head back to towel to read.

By now, with the lure of rides and arcades, kids get bored with the “stupid ocean” and need more a stimulating activity. I take them to the arcade. They use $5 worth of quarters in approximately 7 minutes. I say no more money and we head back to the “stupid ocean.”

Shortly there after we decide to have lunch. We get some bad pizza and good onion rings and I glance at the clock. To my utter amazement the time is 1:45! Have we really been at the beach for 3 hours already? We are supposed to be back at my dads by 4:00 to get ready for our farewell Slovak dinner of pork, cabbage and dumplings!

The girls and I hurriedly look at some goofy shops that actually kind of grossed me out. What idiot would want to buy a beach towel bedecked with a topless genie girl? Who needs to drink out of a nipple cup that says “Daytona Beach!” on it? Dad and the girls opted for ice cream and we went back to the beach.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave. Usually, a day at the beach really drags on for me. I guess it’s because there is nothing but sun and water and waves and more sun and water and waves. But when you add in arcades and pizza and rides and shopping the hours fly by.

We got back to my dads a little late, and as I sat down to dinner, I felt as if my last day of vacation was robbed from me. It went by too fast. There were things we didn’t get to do, and now we are left with no time to do them.

On the bright side, our dinner was great, and sitting around talking and reminiscing with my dad and my sister was loads of fun. And now I turn my attention to heading back home. I’ve got laundry to do, and packing to finish and then the long drive home.

Home, where my two darling kitties are hopefully waiting for me.