Dat's a kitty!

We are leaving on vacation today and I am getting some serious anxiety issues about leaving our kitties behind. I mean, who wouldn’t miss those two?

They will spend a week out of doors, with the garage to repair to if the weather gets bad. They spend nearly 24 hours a day during this time of year outside anyway, so that’s not what leaves me feeling anxious. They are being left in the best of hands – we have a neighbor and a friend house & kitty-sitting for us.

I’m just going to miss my daily interaction with them. I am über lovey-dovey with my little felines. They get daily scratches and pettings and I whisper sweet nothings in their fuzzy little ears morning, noon and night. And I will go a week without tail hugs, head butts, and kneading paws on my pillow.


The bright side is when vacation is over and we are making that hideous drive home, there’s something wonderful to look forward to.