mmmmm dobre

On Friday I was faced with a weekend that was looking pretty dismal.

First, my daughter was having a friend sleep over. That in itself is not a problem, but her friend is overly quiet. Quiet to the point where I don’t hear her utter more than 12 words in a 24 hour period. Being a blabber-mouth of epic proportions, this simply rubs me the wrong way. And apparently, I rub her the wrong way too. She has admitted to my daughter that my decidedly northern accent “annoys” her. hmmph. Plus, she doesn’t eat. And she won’t tell me what she does want to eat. As a Slovak mother, this is torture. I want my people well-fed with stuff they like.

Second, I had a lot of work to do. Not laundry, gardening, shopping work – I had work work. T’s to cross and I’s to dot before I go on vacation. I wake up on Saturday morning to tackle 50% of this work and find the servers at my office are going kablooey again. After a brief panic session (screaming “GD mother F-er” without any form of censorship) I figured out a way to work around it. Try to remember at all times that I am as resourceful as McGyver when it comes to getting my work done.

The kids, the mime sleep-over guest, and I headed to the mall to walk around in air-conditioned comfort while being accosted by mutant Barbizon models on the prowl for sweepstakes signer-uppers. During this time I get a call from my sister – she wonders if she could stoop by our house Sunday morning to chat and catch up as they will be in the neighborhood. Hey, this could get fun. I hear my brother in law chanting “Palacinki! Palacinki!” in the background.

Then a few hours later, my niece calls and asks if she can sleep over. She is traveling from DC to VA, and knowing mom and dad are going to be breakfasting at my house, wants to join the party! Hell yeah! This is beginning to resemble fun! The girls and I pulled out the sleeper sofa, put on fresh sheets and headed to the store for milk and eggs. Megs and I spent the night blabbing about this and that – watching “Earthquake” and “Harry Potter.”

In the morning, I got 90% of my work done, as the server at the office miraculously hiccuped and restarted itself. My sister and her husband arrived and we talked and laughed while I made the Palacinki much to everyone’s delight. I’m not sure if they turned out okay – I always eat only the first very experimental, not particularly good one. But they all seemed to enjoy it.

It could be a bittersweet memory. My sister might be moving 4 hours away in the coming months. Her husband’s plant closed, and he has managed to get an offer on another job in the span of 3 weeks. That’s something to be damned proud of – he’s a gem, my bro-in-law is. But I’m really going to miss them. Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot to keep me in Virginia if they leave. Nothing until my oldest girl graduates high school – and inviting my niece, who still lives and works here, over for dinner and stuff.

It’s sad to think it may be the last palacinki breakfast with my sister. At my house. In Virginia. But she did manage to turn a crappy work-filled weekend fun.