Here lies another crappy, abandoned blog

I spent this morning deleting old blog subscriptions. It is amazing how many blogs I had in my queue that had not posted one syllable since 2010. I bet I removed at least 25 blogs from the list – mostly about people who were trying to lose weight. I guess they either failed and got discouraged, or succeeded and are living such a fabulously skinny life that they have no time for any blogging nonsense.

In any case, it made me think about my blog and how I’ve kept up this practice since 2010. The idea to begin a blog blossomed at a staff meeting with my old employers. My boss was big on goals, and every year we had to come up with a list of them. It was tiring and tedious to say the least. But in January of 2010, as we went around the table sharing our goals for the year the idea hit me.

When my turn came, I stated that my goal for the year was not particularly work related, but nonetheless important to me. I wanted to start a blog – a blog for my daughters. I explained how when my mom died, her whole history went with her. I don’t know any of the small little stories of her life; vacations, her first job, old boyfriends, and I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my girls.

I started my first blog, a private one, on  January 7th of 2010. This is the blog where I tell my girls stories about my life as a little slovak in New Jersey. To this day there has only been 11 posts. It’s a hard blog for me to write. Each post takes a few hours (which I never seem to have) and it is somewhat exhausting mentally. While writing it, I almost get into a time warp as I conjure up memories of my past. I finish a post and it’s as if I’ve just been awakened from a long, dream-filled sleep.

I began my 2nd blog in March of the same year. I was trying to lose weight and thought it would be therapeutic and fun to chronicle my efforts. I kept Project 180° going for over a year, and I credit it for getting my hooked on the joys ob blogging. At the beginning all posts were about dieting and exercise and motivation and feeling fabulous. Until the weight stopped coming off. Then my topics would meander into how I felt about whatever, and life in general. The only time I talked about my diet was to say that it wasn’t working.

So, after 307 posts over the span of 15 months, I ended it and began this blog. Now I just rap about whatever crosses my mind and I love it. I love my 7-14 blog hits a day. I love that I’ve kept on blogging where others have given up. And I love that not only will my girls know the stories of my past, but they will also have a record of the day to day musings of their 40 something mommy.