Wish you were here!

One week to go! One week until I get the hell out of dodge and head to casa del Pop-Pop in Florida.

There’s a lot to do in preparation. I have a butt-load of work to get done at the office, but thankfully my boss procured the time and talents of my ex-coworker to stand in for me while I am away. That’s a serious load off of my mind, but I still have tons of prep work to do nonetheless.

Yet, my mind is in “who cares” mode. It will all get done, and then I’ll have 6 days to do nothing but drink, swim and be a mom. My first real time off since the summer of 2009.

I just wish my sister and her family could come too. It’s always a lot more fun with them around. However, I will have my other sister there – she lives nearby – and makes a mean Cosmo.

Good thing I started to like Vodka again.