Wasn't this the naughtiest of ad campaigns?

I attempted to work this morning, but the server at the office crashed and my computer, which I access remotely, froze. I contemplated making the 30 minute drive to town to see if I could restart, thus allowing me to get some ads built while at home, but instead muttered “fuck it” and began making breakfast.

My Sunday was not going to be spent obsessing over ads that nobody seems to care about but me. I have a grueling week ahead of me no matter how much I try to get done in advance, they always manage to find ways to pile more work on. Not this time buster. This Sunday belonged to me.

I watched my missed episode of “Ryan & Tatum” on the OWN channel. I played 1 vs 100 on facebook. I made bacon and hashbrowns and cooked eggs to order for my girls. I did laundry and got caught up in a really bad Tori Spelling movie on ABC Family. Before I knew it, noon had arrived. The girls wanted out of the house so we headed for the  pool.

I used to hate going to the pool. But now my girls of of the age where I don’t have to be in the pool with them. They still want me in the pool with them, but I have explained that after almost 10 years of aquatic baby-sitting for hours at a a time, it is Mommy’s turn to sit and read and bake in the sun. And with this new plan, the past few trips we have taken to our community pool have been absolute heaven.

I like to read. I usually don’t get the chance to just sit and read, especially in the summer, except for when I get into bed. Unfortunately, I fall asleep after roughly 4 pages, which makes finishing a book a long and tedious process. Is it any wonder why sitting by the pool on a lounge chair glistening with SPF 40 sunscreen is a far more alluring scenario in which to dive into my latest novel?

Of course I would get hot. But no problemo! I simply (ok, not so simply) haul my carcass out of the lounger, and sink into the cool, clear water of the pool. At this point my daughters accost me and we must play some form of water sport, whether it be swim through my legs or dive off my shoulders. Eventually I get splashed or my glasses get knocked off and them it’s “game over.” I head for the nearest ladder and sink back into my lounger and my book, trying not to get the pages and book jacket too soggy.

We stay through 3 adult swims, and then head home. I think 3 hours at the pool is long enough – just enough to get that baked sensation that feels so good once you are home and dry and drinking a glass of wine.

I’m so glad the work server crashed. It’s been a good day so far.