A little something for everyone - including too much cooking for mom

Tonight’s dinner is one where we make do with what is in the house. No shopping for chicken cutlets or ground beef. No picking up pizza or chinese. We are cleaning out the fridge and the cupboard and getting creative with dinner. It’s something we do every now and then to a) use up what we have in the house, and b) save a few bucks.

The ingredients that are in abundance tonight are soup, eggs and potatoes. I have been commissioned to make french toast for daughter #2, fan tailed potatoes for daughter #1, crab soup for hubby, and I am making some simple mashed with veggies for me. Well balanced meal? Hell no. But that’s half the fun.

The only boner in this plan is that rather than cooking one meal for the whole family, I am cooking 4 separate little meals. This gives me four opportunities to burn something on my flat tops! (see yesterdays post to “get” this joke)

This also means more dishes, but really, that’s okay.

I plan on having hubby do them.