Burn Baby, Burn!

Our stove is really old. It’s a Jenn Air that came with the house when it was built in the 80’s. The reason why we have a Jenn Air rather than a GE or Kitchenaide stove is because our stove was built without an exhaust – Jenn air stoves have a built in center downdraft and they are the only ones equipped with this feature.

I had the old fashioned spiral electric cooking elements, but one by one they started to go on me. Who wouldn’t conk out after 30 years of being turned on? I’ve been married 17 years and I’m impossible to turn on! Something needed to be done because I was trying to cook on the 2 remaining burners, and they were both the small ones.

A new stove was over $2,000 – YIKES!

Hubby did a little research and found out we could buy new flat top inserts and do away with the spiral elements all together for a fraction of the cost! Hooray! I leap into the modern age of flat top cooking and I don’t have to mortgage the house to do it!

Wait. I said “Hooray” too soon.

I don’t now how many of you out there have a flat top cooking surface, but I find it very very very hard to cook on. Let’s face it, cooking on an electric stove sucks. If you’ve ever cooked on a gas range and were forced to convert to electric you know my pain.

Yet like any partnership that is given a bit of time we came to terms with one another. My old spiral cooktops and I had come to an understanding. We had formed a good working relationship.

But these flat tops are like a 5 year old with ADHD – IT’S ON! it’s off. IT’S ON! it’s off. And when it’s on, it’s on full blast – surface of the sun hot for the amount of time your dial setting requires. Problem is, shit burns FAST when that mofo is on full blast.

A “6” on my old cook tops could gently cook an egg to perfection. A “6” on this bastard will turn the edges of an egg blackish brown before the whites have had the opportunity to even begin to solidify. I’ve thrown eggs, onions, pancakes and a grilled cheese sandwich in the trash after watching 30 seconds of tv while cooking – it can crash and burn that quickly. Tonight I put some butter, garlic and onions in a pan on “5” for 3 minutes while I caught up in some drama on “Jerseylicious” and the  next thing I knew I had a black spot burned into the bottom of my pan. I started over on level “2” and managed to saute successfully. But I was pissed.

This new stove and I have to learn how to play nice. So far I’m not doing so hot. And I wasn’t that great of a cook to begin with. Is it just me or do any of you out there have the same problem adjusting?