Harry, can you spare me a schilling or two?

In a few weeks my family and I are heading down to Florida to spend a week with my dad. The kids have often suggested we visit the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios. I was against it for a really stupid reason. I was not aware the Harry Potter attraction was a part of Islands of Adventure. I thought it was a 3rd, completely separate theme park.

I was afraid that there would be only a few rides and attractions open and not worth the price of admission. I kept telling the kids we would wait until the park was more established. What an ass. I was totally uninformed. It was only after reading a “Travel to Florida” magazine that I realized my error. Then it was onto the internet to see what this park had to offer.

Simpsons! Harry Potter! Jurassic Park! The Mummy! Where do I park the car? So now we are thinking of going. Problem is  – the price. IT’S $85 PER PERSON TO WALK IN THE GATES. $340 for our whole family. That’s more than my car payment and cable bill combined. For a month.

Add to that food (cha-ching!), souvenirs (cha-ching!), gas (cha-ching!), and we are at $500 bucks. Easily.

I am going to have to do some serious bargain shopping to make this feasible. I will research every coupon, special and online discount to help bring down the cost.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – how do people afford this stuff?