I love my teeny tiny too small for me home

Last evening we rolled back up our driveway after a 5 day trip, and let me tell you, I was glad to be home. A few minor inconveniences along the way made the trip good rather than great. It taught me a thing or two – things I won’t repeat on our next trip.

  1. I hate living out of a duffel bag. When we stay more than 2 days at a hotel, or when I’m staying at my dads, I unpack. I can’t stand rummaging around a jumble of now unfolded clothes looking for a bra or socks or a specific pair of shorts. There was no place to unpack where we were, so I did a lot of rummaging.
  2. Camping sucks when it rains. Our new tent, in agreement with many online reviews, did not stand up well to elements of the watery nature. Our first night under the stars it POURED. At first it was soothing – that pitter-patter of water on the tent was nature’s lullaby. Then, nature got a wet diaper…the head of our tent began to collect water and our pillows and sheets got wet. Needless to say, I was up early. It rained for most of the next day too. We went to bed after a long night of partying on damp beds.
  3. When you want pizza in NYC, don’t wait until you hit Times Square. I knew this fact, but could not manage to convince my husband to stop in the Village at one of the many Rays Famous. We had Sabarro instead.
  4. I really missed my cats

I don’t want you to think our adventures were all bad – there were good things on our trip too!

  1. White Castles taste just as good 6 hours later. We had 4 murder burgers left after our family gorge fest, but I refused to throw them out. I tucked them in the car for later consumption. After a long day at our old hometown pool, those puppies were calling to me. They were just as good cold, but they did make the car smell fairly funky.
  2. Walking around my hometown as an adult was emotional. I explored the main street, my old park, and my elementary school.  There were times I was very close to tears remembering the days I spent as a kid in a safe, quiet town.
  3. Early mornings in the country are sacred. I got up with the sun on our first day in upstate NY, helped myself to a cup of tea and sat out on the deck perusing the local paper and the local nature. I was rewarded with humming birds and yellow finches. I also took a walk with my youngest daughter where we spotted wild blackberries and a garter snake.
  4. It was really good to come home to our cats

Our family leaves for Florida in a few weeks. At lest there I can unpack my bag and stay a while.