Just a little off the top, please

I never get a good haircut. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I think I’ve had 3 good cuts in my adult life.

My last haircut was a total disaster (see old blog post for the full blow by blow description – footnote: Moxie salon in Charlottesville VA sucks). I have waited almost an entire year for a new cut, but I had hang in there until my hair got long and shapeless enough to feel annoying.

The difference between that historic haircut and the multitude of other bad cuts I get can be summed up very simply. It never looks like I’ve had my hair cut AT ALL. I’ll come home and hubby and kids will tell me I look no different.

After a haircut, one should look chic, glamorous and polished. One should have that “I just got my hair cut and I won’t ever be able to recreate this look again” kind of style.

That is the haircut of olden times – or for folks with cash to burn. Spending more than $30 on a hair cut seems like a total waste of coin to me. Most of the “better salons” in town cost $50 per cut. I spent that last year and got butchered. Never again.

Used to be a haircut included a wash and a blow dry – it was mandatory. Now a days, those little perks are extra. I’ve seen stylists undo my cape ready to send me packing with my hair dripping wet. It’s at that point that I sheepishly ask if I can borrow a blow dryer or brave the elements with wet hair.

Today I realized I needed a haircut before our big family shindig this weekend. So I hauled ass to the mall during lunch and paid $15 at some crappy walk in salon. All I wanted was some long layers cut in. I guess they did what I asked for, but the cut has no shape, no verve, no penache.

But they never do. It’s only until I wash it the next morning and mess with my curved brush, blow dryer and curling iron that I say “looking good, Mr. Kotter.” I have totally turned the tables. Now, my hair looks better after I’M done styling it.

Perhaps one day I will find the perfect salon and the perfect stylist who does my hair to perfection regardless of how many times I have hacked away at my bangs with an elementary school scissor. Or am I asking too much?