Do I have to???

Today was one of those days where I woke up knowing I didn’t want to do squat. And believe you me, I had things that needed doing.

I was supposed to start the morning off taking photos at a local golf course for an upcoming issue of the newspaper I work for. But, my need for copious amounts of tea coupled with the urge to fiddle with my Facebook zoo pretty much ate up the early morning. Add to this equation the fact that my kids slept very very late today and my morning was shot.

It was 10 before I made breakfast, and by 11 I was out tinkering in my garden. By Noon I was folding clothes, compiling my list for the store and driving my oldest daughter to yet another beach party.

Youngest daughter, somewhat miffed at the fact that older sister has something fun to do, is hankering for some action of her own. This is where my day takes a turn for the worst. It is now my responsibility to come to sweep in and rescue this Saturday.

Even though I don’t want to, I will have to squeeze myself into my old lady dress swimsuit, pack a bag and take my little dumpling to the beach. I mean it’s summer – a summer Saturday spent vegging in the house is a boner move beyond measure -but it’s soooo what I want to do today.

I tried to get out of going to the beach, but one “aw, come on mom” accompanied by large, sad upturned eyes had me searching for the suntan lotion. I’ll just sit and read my book and soak in the semi-sun. That qualifies as sorta lazy.